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 Promoting the FOB

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PostSubject: Promoting the FOB   Promoting the FOB EmptyFri Jan 28, 2011 5:56 pm

Admittedly I'm new to Archery. I've been a gun shooter since I was 8 years old but never drew a bow until this past year. It's a blast and somewhat addicting. My beginning came from an impulse buy on ebay. I found a Hoyt Lazertec for $200 and figured, what the hey? I knew I cold flip it for a profit if it just wasn't fun for me. The reverse was true. I found myself going to practice at lunchtime. After a bunch of hours practicing, I started to tear fletchings. Okay, this was a pivitol moment for me. At $5 and arrow and then more to repair these fancy sticks, I almost lost the bug. I can't remember how I heard of FOBs but I ordered a set to play with. I was completey sold on these. I began cutting them up to see how they would fly and wow, they still few great. Fast accurate and durable.

So getting back to the topic. I see a lot of resistance to FOBs. on other forums. I understand that advertising can be a black hole and that offering free FOBs for videos to promote the product has been a big success. I have a few video ideas for freebies myself. This is really directed at Paul though. Have you considered sponsoring a tournament?? Make it a big shindig and make it unique show the benefits of the FOBs. Get together with Ripcord and a few bow companies and do NASCAR like competition. All bows setup the same and FOBs only. Long distance, 3D, etc. Get some media coverage and do something with the young archers. A twist would be to specify shooting one arrow at each target instead of robinhooding arrows. Given time any shooter can tighten a shot group when pointing at the same target. A true marksman hits the bullseye the first time. If you can get some big names out there, the sales will be huge. But you have to make the competition something local clubs would want to emmulate. That's how you can revolutionize the sport.

feel free to add your comments.

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Promoting the FOB
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