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 String Pinch

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PostSubject: String Pinch   String Pinch EmptySun Jan 02, 2011 4:24 pm

String Pinch is when you come to full draw and the string contacts the outside edges of your FOB. This most commonly happens while using a D-loop. There are 2 very simple ways to solve this problem. 1st would be to use some serving material on the inside of your D-loop knots so there is more room between the arrow nock and the loop. 2nd way is to buy yourself some Accunocks. For those of you who dont know what they are: They are a Drop-Away nock system. They help quiet down your bow and get rid of that annoying twang when the arrow releases from the string. But most of all they are longer then the standard nock which eliminate string pinch. You can check them out at also here is a link for help with tying serving inside your D-loop.

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PostSubject: Thanks for the tips, MetalMan!   String Pinch EmptyThu Jun 28, 2012 5:40 pm

Finally getting my new Mathews Helium set up.

Paul sent me a pic of the D loop with two spacer servings, above and below. I tried that, and my arrow lifted off the rest when I drew the bow. I watched the bow tuning video in your post, pulled my top serving spacer off, and arrow pulled smoothly without lift. Instead of paper tuning, I waited till today to get outside.
First day of shooting and I'm out to forty yards.

I might do a paper tune just to check, but I'm not sure I need to.

I also ordered some accunocks, just to try them out. I had already picked up some Beman Vi-brakes, as I think this technology works, and I want a little more weight on my arrow.

Thanks for the tips!!!

Casey Albert
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PostSubject: Re: String Pinch   String Pinch EmptyFri Jun 29, 2012 10:22 am

Casey, careful with the Accunocks.... I tried them out with my FOBs and found they were just too brittle to handle the 70# I am pulling (Don't know for sure; could've been an old/bad batch of nocks) but after a couple shots each, I had one nock break upon impact with the target and one break while I tested it after the first one broke in the target....

That was enough for me to go back to the original X-nocks that came with my arrows. Even though the Accunocks provided the space I needed to have the FOBs not contact the string at full draw, I didn't want to risk it.

I'm not trying to bash Accunocks, just giving my experience with the batch I had.... It's just not worth it for me. Besides, the string contact I have with the FOBs is so slight, there is no worry in my mind...

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PostSubject: Re: String Pinch   String Pinch Empty

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String Pinch
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