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 The real story of StarrFlight Part 2

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Paul Morris
Paul Morris

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PostSubject: The real story of StarrFlight Part 2   Tue Jan 11, 2011 2:11 am

This is part two regarding the origin of the name StarrFlight.

Well this story starts out much like the last one on an Elk hunt. But first let me explain the beginning. From a small child I always was fascinated by the stars and constellations. When I first started hunting I was always taught that Orion was what you should look for first and will bring you luck. Every chance I got I would make it a point that when I first wake up for the hunt, or for that matter every chance I get I look for Orion.

Well about 12 years ago the day started as normal, in a wall tent, alarm set for 3:30 AM, poor a cup of mud (coffee) from the thermos we made from the night before wrapped in some camo shirts to keep it hot. Next was to strike a match and start up the kerosene heater to warm up our pre-made breakfast burros and take the chill off. I find this my favorite time of the hunt. Waking up and thinking of what the day will bring, talking hunting with friends and every now and then hearing an elk bugle in the background (we were in not in Arizona this year or we would have had Elk bugling and hooking horns in camp).

Anyway….After a few cups of coffee it was time to venture outside in my long johns and slippers to take care of business. As usual, the first thing I do is look for Orion. As I was staring up at the cloudless night with no moon I could not think of anywhere else I would rather be.

Just then I herd an elk bugle far off in the distance and shooting star went right through Orion’s bow and shot across the sky. Wow! how cool was that! What a good omen. I thought this may be a good day. Then I thought of the flight of that star, it looked just like an arrow on a laser beam arcing through the sky . I said to my self….self, I sure hope my arrow shoots that straight today.

That morning was full of mojo and went to an old secret spot I found some 4 years earlier were I new of a spring. I shot what to this day we call “the world’s fattest cow” Elk. The shot was about 40 yards and indeed the flight was like a laser beam. The area we were hunting was a road closure and about a 3 mile pack out. Skinned, boned and quartered the butcher hung it at 355 lbs.

Years later when we came up with the airfoils, we had the name (see part 1 FOBs). But I needed to come up with a name for the product line. I though about it for a short time and remembered that lucky day when I saw the magic in the sky, StarrFlight it was! I am a typical engineer and can not spell. I thought star was spelled starr (with two rr’s). Turns out that was a lucky mistake. When you do a Google search for StarrFlight we are in the front row. Who else spells star with two rr’s. Ha!

Well, that’s the story. I hope it was a good read.


The worlds "fattest cow" Sure felt like it with 5 miles of road closure!
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The real story of StarrFlight Part 2
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